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Salsa Dancing

Spice up your life by learning Salsa and Bachata with Passionata Dance

Salsa dancing
                                            at VivazVivaz
Salsa is a Latin american dance originating from cuba and the surrounding region. There are many styles of salsa ranging from the LA Style, Cuban, Rueda Casino style and the more traditional Cumbia. Salsa is typically danced between a man and a woman. The basic premise is that the man leads to woman into intricate turn patterns. Salsa is generally known as a crazy fun party type dance and provides a context to meet people and socialise.

Latin dancing is a very excellent exercise alternative. It also builds confidence and self esteem and is a great way of meeting new people.

CarmenClub Havana Band
                                          with the lead singer EveylnLoren

George Bates Hall
Corner of Wonga and Hill Road, Lurnea
Latin Mix
Club Italia,
Wharf Road, Lansvale

*Closed first wednesday of the month at lurnea studio.

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